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LTA Tech Stuff

Advanced, Specialized and applied LTA technology

In the last 20 years of dealing with LTA technology (LTA - Lighter than air) we have come a long way from the beginnings with analog technology to today's digital wonders that affect all aspects of our lives. The direct benefit of digital technology to Blimps and Aerostats is the incredible weight reduction as well as the enormous increase in process power. When we started, I could only dream of the materials and technology available to us today.

In order to make it easier for everyone to enter LTA technology, we have developed a number of systems and subsystems that are crucial and necessary in the construction of Aerostat and airships.

  1. 1. RC Safety Valve- Type 1 (Closed/Open) - Type 2 (Closed/Open/Closed)
  2. 2. Automatic ballonet/envelope pressure control
  3. 3. Flexible solar modules
  4. 4. Power management system for Solar powered LTA systems

1. RC Safety valve – Type 1 - 730 Euro - Type 2 - 1470 Euro (+FedEx)

There are two types of discharge valves that we designed and manufacture: One-pull (when activated they remain open) and multi-pull (can be opened and closed at will). Depending on the complexity of the LTA aircraft, one of these two valves is installed. On the other hand, if you want a fast flow of gas from the balloon, you can install more valves.

RC safety valve was especially designed for safety, security and protective reasons. Safety is of a dual nature as it is required by law as well as to protect the members of the LTA team themselves. Safety implies that you have constant control to LTA aircraft. Protective means saving your Blimp or Aerostat with the very expensive equipment it carries.

We have taken special care of the ease of installation as well as reliability in operation over time. The safety valve also withstood the test of time as we installed it in more than a hundred Blimps and Aerostats that we built and delivered.

Total weight Type 1 (with micro servo) 160 g (Closed/Open)
Total weight Type 2 (with linear servo and rain protection) 205 g (Closed/Open/Closed)
Connection Standard servo jack (-,+, signal)
Installation 2 patches (3Ply PVC), Polyurethane glue, all screws M 2.5
Price Type 1 730 Euro (+FedEx)
Price Type 2 1470 Euro (+FedEx)

2. Automatic ballonet/envelope pressure control – from 4790 Euro / 5.800 USD (+FedEx)

This system has been especially designed and developed to keep constant pressure (under set limits) to the envelope and affect the Blimp, Airship or Aerostat buoyancy. To have all added components working properly (stabilizers, Safety valve, cabin, motor mounts, …) it is critical to have a constant pressure in the envelope. Without a Ballonet, prolonged air times with changing temperatures and air pressures, the envelope loses its tightness or the pressure rises over set limits directly affecting drastically flight behavior. The result is an uncontrollable Blimp, Aerostat or Airship. The automatic ballonet electronics system is consisted of several components:

  • - Air Blower
  • - Pressure sensor tube bases (Ballonet and envelope)
  • - In/Out ballonet valve
  • - Standard Scoprega ballonet valve
  • - Control electronic circuit
  • - Control Software
  • - 60 mm Aluminum tube (Air blower to ballonet valve)
  • - 90 A Esc for the Air blower
  • - Tubes to sensor tube bases
Total weight Electronic circuit, air blower, tubes, sensor bases, valves, … 740 g
Software control values Envelope pressure, Ballonet pressure, Valve position, Valve position while blower active, Valve position during pressure release, Valve delay, and several other control values
Tube from air blower to the ballonet valve 1 m x 60 mm aluminum tube
Software Included Windows CD/Flash
Bases for pressure sensor readings 2 x (ballonet and envelope)
90A ESC for the blower included
Air blower 3 D printed with turbine and brushless motor set
Operating voltage 7 – 40 VDC
Consumption 1.5 A max
Pressure sensors Fine: 0-60 mbar Crude: 0-1000 mbar Safety: 0-60 mbar
Connectivity USB
Price From 4790 Euro / 5800 USD (+FedEx)

3. Flexible solar modules – 890 Euro / 1.080 USD per module (+FedEx)

Flexible where especially design and developed for our work on the Trans-Atlantic Solar Blimp attempt.

To get cumulative V of 45 (4 x 18 cells modules) we grouped the cells in 18 per module. The module is flexible enough, while protecting the fragile cells, to match any Blimp, Aerostat or Airship envelope curvature.

Modules are easily set on the envelope with strong adhesive tapes matching the curvature and giving minimum aerodynamic resistance (the height of the cells dent is 3 mm). Also, they are simple to take down from the envelope by simple carefully removing the fixating tape. The cells are delivered in custom protective case with 10 mm sponge between the modules.

Weight 620 g per module with connectors (18 cells)
Cells SunPower Maxeon Gen III
Cells per module 18
Cells specification Solar Cells Specification
Top Module Protective layer PET thermoformed
Number of cell rows 3 or 2 (3 x 6 or 3 x 9)
Cells Connection method Serial
Peak power and A 12.5 + V and over 6 A
Cells base (back protective layers) Eva foam + Pressphan + 0.5 mm Clear PVC
Weather Water proof
Out jacks + and – Banana Bullet Plug Connectors 3.5 mm
Attachment system on envelope Airelease PVC white (50 mm bands)
Price 890 Euro / 1080 USD per module (18 cells)

4. Power management system for Solar powered LTA systems – 4760 Euro / 5700 USD (+ FedEx)

Power management hardware and software were developed during 2020 to actively control power flow between solar modules and onboard motors and electronics. It is an essential peace of electronics that controls and allows smooths flying with independent power onboard control.

It can/should be used on Blimps, Airships and Aerostats. Wherever you want to place solar modules and thus extend the flight time, an energy flow control system is essential.

Input voltage 18 – 58 V
Battery voltage 14 – 42 Vs
Maximum charging current 20 A
Maximum load 20 A
Connectivity USB
Software Included Windows CD/Flash
Price 4760 Euro / 5700 USD (+FedEx)