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Custom Envelopes

Need envelope to jump start your project? – We are the solution Custom inflatable Blimps, "Zeppelins" and LTA

Quality without compromises

Since 2003 we have started the production of Custom envelopes of Blimps and other LTA shapes for various worldwide clients. So far we have worked on dozens of envelopes ... designs for numerous Institutes, Universities, Private and Startup companies and individuals. For the production of envelopes we use High Quality UK imported TPU (Polyurethane film) of 100, 125 and 150 microns and other films like Tedlar, Mylar if requested. Double welding technology and careful design guaranties minimum helium permeability of our custom envelopes with maximum 0.5 to 0.7% loss per day on total volume! This way, with quality, we are helping your project to become reality. Symmetrical and asimetrical shapes up to 20 m (or more) with or without ballonet made upon your specification or design developed together. With more than 20 years building LTAs we are willing and able to give life to your ideas.

Few simple steps in the process

  • - You send us your 3D design or sketch of a desired envelope
  • - We make our own 3D that match your request while incorporating all technical and technology requirements of target envelope
  • - We agree on the envelope film thickness, quality, price and production time
  • - Upon given green light we start the production
During the design process we take care that the resulting custom envelope conforms to Safety Regulations imposed by FAA and EASA for Blimps and Drones.


From the 3D model, we make a paper model of a custom Blimp shape to confirm the calculations - like the one in the picture


And here is what the finished Blimp looks like, made according to the specific requirements of the client


Partial list of clients so far:

Kwazulu Natal University (SA), University of the West England (UK), HSR Rapperswil (Switzerland), AerialClick (Italy), Aerospace (Italy), Aerospace (USA), Skylifter (Australia), Bitplant (Germany), Facebook High Altitude Prototype (USA), Spacial (USA), Wind Aeronautics (Italy), Sachsenluftschiffe (Germany), Above UAV (USA) … and many more.

For custom envelope designs contact us at: rczeppelin@protonmail.com

Mr. Alexander Mijatovic

Lead designer with more than 20 years of experience in LTA designs