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Compact Cameras Aerial Photography System

Stable, multi hours autonomy, vibration free and simple to use


Compact Aerial Photography System is designed for cameras of all manufacturers up to 500 g. The simplest system to use and depending on the Camera chosen it produce high Quality Aerial Photographs. Fast to deploy and pack. As digital cameras advance rapidly Compact systems are becoming much more interesting due to small volume and simplicity.

Used by our worldwide clients for

  • - Aerial Photography at altitudes up to 200 m
  • - Infra Red Aerial Photography of building insulations quality
  • - Disaster Response and monitoring
  • - Award winning Aerial shots
  • - Fire monitoring
  • - Incident Awareness & Assessment
  • - Monitoring Air Quality & Atmospheric Conditions
  • - Critical Infrastructure Security
  • - Various Atmospheric measurements
  • - Wild life counting
  • - Coast line monitoring
  • - Wild life monitoring and filming… and many more applications

Compliant to FAA and EASA Safety regulations for Blimps and Drones. Totally un-harmful for the user, other people and environment.

MA-01-09E - For compact Cameras (payload up to 500g)

Ready to fly Kit Version
3.975 Euro ⁄ 4.682 USD* 2.783 Euro ⁄ 3.245 USD*
  • - Ready to fly - Everything included except helium. Just inflate the envelope and Fly!
  • - Kit version - All but electronics. A list of recomended electronics, easily available on the Internet, is sent after purchase
  • - Production time: 25 to 30 days. Transport (Not in price) by FedEx or specified by the client
  • - *Exact USD amaunt on purchase day/date
Download specification HERE