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2 m indoor RC Blimp

Smallest in size but equally capable for any kind of indoor flying and advertising. Capable to lift up to 200 g of added payload. Strong polyurethane envelope of the best UK film quality ...more

3 or 3.5 m indoor RC Blimp

Suitable size to lift Go-Pro and mount, large spaces for Logos, optional internal RGB light, significant air autonomy (60+ minutes) and double welding technology for micro helium loss, ...more

4.5 m indoor RC Blimp

Lift capacity up to 700 g while all equipment set on it. Large spaces for branding and quite simple to fly. Adequate for larger indoor spaces and Arenas ... ...more

Ready to fly - Everything included except helium. Just inflate the envelope and fly!
Kit version - All but electronics. A list of recomended electronics that are easily available on the Internet are sent after purchase.

Aero Drum Ltd - Established 1999 to design and produce RC Blimps, Aerostats and Custom Blimps

RC blimps, also known as remote-controlled blimps or radio-controlled blimps, are small airships that can be controlled wirelessly using a remote transmitter. They are typically filled with helium to achieve buoyancy and are powered by electric motors or engines. RC blimps are popular for various applications, including advertising, aerial photography, indoor entertainment, and research. These blimps are commonly made from lightweight materials such as nylon or polyester fabric, which is often coated to enhance durability and airtightness. They are designed to be stable and maneuverable in the air, with control mechanisms that allow the operator to control the blimp's movements, including ascent, descent, forward/backward motion, and left/right turning. RC blimps come in various sizes, ranging from a few feet in length to larger models that can be several meters long. They are powered by batteries or small combustion engines, depending on the model and intended use. Some RC blimps are equipped with onboard cameras for aerial photography or video recording purposes. If you're interested in purchasing an RC blimp, you can explore various online retailers, hobby shops, or specialized RC aircraft stores. It's important to research and consider factors such as the size, flight time, control range, and specific features offered by different models to find the one that best suits your needs and preferences.


From our clients

"The package arrived today in good condition, thank you....."
– Paul Trimble, Northern Ireland

"Thanks again for everything. Thank God for your great double welded blimps, and I'm really testing their limits..."
– Haitham Farhat, Kuwait

"I successfully changed the receiver connectors to set the controls to a more confortable setup for me. It worked as you said.Thank you."
– Daniel Barro Lopez, San Luis Potosi, Mexico

"We have tested the Blimp we bought some months ago. The results are good, the leakage is acceptable and the appearance is fine, the engine set is effective."
– Nicola Masi, Association Blimps Archimedes, Italy

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