• Polyurethane RC Blimps & Custom LTA’s since 1999 •

Indoor RC Blimps

Events, indor advertising, Student projects, testing various electronics, warehouse scanning, indoor filming, coupons drop,...

Outdoor RC Blimps

Outdoor Events of all kinds, outdoor advertising, Student projects, Universities and Institutes projects, testing various electronics, outdoor filming, Aerial monitoring, autopilot compatible, several safety systems, ...

Aero Drum Ltd

Aero Drum ltd is a company that design and produce Remote Control (RC) Blimps, Aerial Photo Systems, Aerostats and other custom shapes and sizes.

We use up to date materials and electronics and as simple and effective designs as possible to make reliable systems for every day use of remote control blimps. Tether line balloon carriers for unlimited payload and Blimps up to 40 m (120 feet). Steady (tether line) Aerial Photography Systems and Radio Controlled Blimps due to stability and vibration free are ideal carriers for Still Cameras, Video HD Cameras, Infra-red equipment, various measuring equipment, mine detection and all different kinds of remote sensing.

All our envelopes are made of High Quality Polyurethane and introducing Ultrasonic welding.

Custom Blimp Envelopes

Since 2003 we have started the production of Custom envelopes for various worldwide clients. So far we have worked on dozens of envelopes designs for numerous Institutes, Universities, Private and Startup companies and individuals…

Aerostat Surveillance

For several decades now Aero Drum Ltd is a supplier of tethered Aerostats to various clients and partners worldwide. We are specialized in design and production of carrier only – Aerostat, stabilization sail, main line (with or without internal power cable), Aluminum base for your remote sensing equipment in the stable point between the Aerostat and main line, and rest related to the Aerostat system itself…

RC Blimps Indoor, Outdoor, Aerostats & Custom shapes

  • Genuine Design and Production since 1999.
  • High quality polyurethane envelopes and double welding technology.

Quality Statement: All our envelopes (balloons) are made using the best quality UK or USA imported polyurethane film. Double welding technology is guarantying hermetically tight and durable envelopes for our remote control blimps. The electronics that we build in our blimps and systems are extensively tested prior to be set on the blimp or system. Every finished inflatable blimp or system undertakes a final complete test prior to packing.

RC blimps are often called rc zeppelin even though there is a difference. Nonetheless we can manufacture different sizes and types of airships based on your needs and purposes:

  • Indoor RC blimp (advertising balloons, camera blimp…)
  • Outdoor RC blimp
  • Tethered aerostat blimps
  • Different types of Aerial Photography Systems
  • Custom envelopes
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