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Outdoor RC Blimps from 5 to 12 m or custom

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5 m outdoor RC Blimp

Starting point when going outdoor. At this size it still can be used indoor and outdoor but the core design is pure outdoor with powerful motors, higher battery capacity, volume, ...more

6 m outdoor RC Blimp

Elevated payload to 2 kg enough for most gyro stabilized camera rigs with HD cameras today. One or two main vectored motor/s concept. Advanced and lightweight mechanical components, ultra-lightweight stabilizers with ailerons ...more

7 m outdoor RC Blimp

Advertising and remote sensing ideal flying carrier, with 14 m3 it is strong enough to lift all needed setting and additional 2.5 kg of payload of any kind. Our originally designed and lately revised ”rail system” with connection points in parallel at every 150 mm allows move-able gravity point ... ...more

10 m outdoor RC Blimp

Starting at 10 m we are now talking Airships. The 10 m outdoor RC Airship is a perfect platform for Low altitude remote sensing of any kind! Strong brush-less motors, 20 to 30 A of Lithium Polymer power, independent power source for the receiver, several miles RC, dual controls for all, RC safety valve, polyurethane envelope with maximum 0.5% of helium loss per day on the total volume ... ...more

12 m outdoor RC Blimp

12 m outdoor RC Blimp is a culmination of more than a decade of intensive and dedicated work on previous RC Blimps of various sizes. The growing need for payload and airtime resulted in a design of a 12 m RC Blimp that can carry 3 to 4 kg and have a 60+ minute's flight time. To assure previously stated we have developed side vectored motors in carbon fiber housing. This way the lateral drive force is ... ...more

Top Quality Double welded Polyurethane Envelopes for your outdoor blimp. Tested Electronic Systems. Predictable and Reliable!

Remember to consider factors such as operating regulations, safety precautions, and required training when dealing with large RC blimps, as they may have unique considerations compared to smaller models.

Ready to fly - Everything included except helium. Just inflate the envelope and fly!
Kit version - All but electronics. A list of recomended electronics that are easily available on the Internet are sent after purchase.

Aero Drum Ltd - Established 1999 to design and produce RC Blimps, Aerostats and Custom Blimps

RC blimps, also known as remote-controlled blimps or airships, are miniature versions of traditional airships that can be controlled remotely using a handheld transmitter. They are typically filled with helium to achieve buoyancy and are powered by electric motors or engines. RC blimps are popular for various purposes, including: Advertising: RC blimps are often used for promotional purposes. They can carry banners or signage displaying advertisements and fly over events, stadiums, or public spaces to attract attention. Aerial Photography and Videography: With their stable flight characteristics, RC blimps can be equipped with cameras to capture aerial photographs or videos. They provide a unique perspective and can be used for recreational purposes or professional aerial photography. Indoor Entertainment: RC blimps are commonly used for indoor entertainment, particularly in large spaces such as exhibition halls or indoor arenas. They can be maneuvered around obstacles, perform tricks, or engage in races, providing interactive entertainment for spectators. Research and Education: RC blimps are also utilized in research and educational settings. They can be used for studying aerodynamics, airship design, or as platforms for experimenting with new technologies. When considering purchasing an RC blimp, it's important to look for factors such as size, flight time, control range, durability, and available spare parts. There are various manufacturers and retailers that specialize in RC blimps, offering a range of options to suit different needs and budgets. It's recommended to research and compare different brands and models to find the one that best fits your requirements.


From our clients

"The package arrived today in good condition, thank you....."
– Paul Trimble, Northern Ireland

"Thanks again for everything. Thank God for your great double welded blimps, and I'm really testing their limits..."
– Haitham Farhat, Kuwait

"I successfully changed the receiver connectors to set the controls to a more confortable setup for me. It worked as you said.Thank you."
– Daniel Barro Lopez, San Luis Potosi, Mexico

"We have tested the Blimp we bought some months ago. The results are good, the leakage is acceptable and the appearance is fine, the engine set is effective."
– Nicola Masi, Association Blimps Archimedes, Italy

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