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A series of Blimps for Fairs and Universities

From simple to complex logo solutions

A very interesting start to the year. From 10m outdoor RC blimps for Brazil to a range of indoor blimps for Fairs and Universities. As well as the 2 kg Aerostat that went to Doha, Qatar. You can see in the pictures below.

Ultrasonic joining of Blimp parts and other LTA components

Each height of flight has its own needs

Since we have more and more requirements for LTA flying at high altitudes, we started introducing the latest ultrasonic technology in joining parts of the envelope as well as joining various assemblies on the envelope. We expect to fully adopt and accept the technology and start regular production by the summer. So now we have at our disposal 3 types of technology for joining envelope parts/components: Classic with active glue (-10 to +70 C) G, thermal (-20 to 100 C) and the latest ultrasonic (Limited by the characteristics and quality of the material) . As it turns out, each height has its own corresponding technology.

Total design Blimp, 10 m outdoor and several indoor Blimps

Fun with custom Blimps and Airships

The end of 2023 was marked by custom blimps and in several cases completely new techniques and technologies that we had to adopt. Further improvement of the nacelle for outdoor blimps as well as finding new ways to print polyurethane.

180-degree vectored side motors for 12m RC Blimp

Airship with all accessories

During April and May we work on a 12 m RC Blimp. This airship has literally everything. Vector motors on the side, internal RGB light, safety valve, safety coil, large stabilizers with flaps, reciprocating motor in the back, two synchronized receivers, parallel connected batteries and a huge airbrush logo on the sides. Remember to consider factors such as operating regulations, safety precautions, and required training when dealing with large RC blimps, as they may have unique considerations compared to smaller models.

From Blimp triplets, to banners and whales

No lack in diversity when it comes to Blimps

The end of March and the beginning of April was really colorful in blimp projects. We developed a new way of attaching banners to blimps, which makes them that much safer and more durable. The “triplet” 2 m indoor blimps were a charming sight to see which we produced for a US event company. The flying whale looks really lifelike with an air-brushed face, and things are slowly coming together for our latest 12 m outdoor RC Blimp.

From Polyester Envelopes to 10 m Outdoor Blimps

Blimp projects diametrically opposed envelope films

The first months of 2023 were marked by very different projects. In order to adopt the stable technology of small blimps up to 2-3 m, we worked on the development of the technology of joining polyester films with complete hermetic stability. Specifically, the work on the animatronics of the flying whale. In the pictures you can see the front part (nose) as a prototype. In addition, we produced a 3 m indoor RC Blimp for the University of the UAE as well as a 10 m outdoor RC Blimp intended for aerial advertising in Montenegro.

A very interesting, complex and inspiring start to the 2023

From custom blimps to real airships drones

As a start we had a 3-m indoor Blimp for our regular client from Switzerland. in the meantime, we are working on a lateral blimp that has increased capacity and overall engine power. below you can see a picture of the 4 engine mounts that we prepared for the envelope. As an urgent order, we made a 2 kg Aerostat Kit for India while we were working in parallel on a standard 10 m RC Blimp, the components of which you can see in the picture below. The work on the flying kite continues and after several materials for the envelope, we have arrived at one that already meets several important criteria for selection.

LEB (Lateral Elongated Blimp)

A blimp with more power and more payload capacity

For years, we have had requests from our clients from all continents for greater carrying capacity (volume) and greater power. Which is nothing new, since pilots have had the same request since the first plane took off. Our answer to those requirements is the Lateral Elongated Blimp or LEB for short. LEB is a project that we have been mentally working on for years, and now we have decided to make the first prototype of approximately 3 m in 2023. We got a larger volume by "expanding" the cylinder to the side, and power with 4 engines on horizontal axis. The extended blimp does not drastically increase the aerodynamic index - which turned out to be good. We get increased power with 4 motors, of which the front 2 rotate on the axis (dependently or independently) and the rear motors serve as additional power and with the difference in the number of revolutions we get horizontal direction control. It will be able to be used in almost all areas where drones are used except with far greater safety and much longer autonomy. Below you can see a video with a motor mount with a rotating shaft (height control)

Custom Blimps series during November 2022

Different blimps for very different purposes

We started with a custom shape for the Red Cross Fair in Geneva, where a large number of blimps were an integral part of the scenography. 2 m indoor RC Blimp for students from Concorde University followed by one of the most demanding Blimps that is actually an actor in a play - the Alien Blimp. In the end, we worked on 3 m and 3.5 m indoor blimps for sports clubs. we are always surprised, even after 25 years, where our clients see the use of blimps.

Custom Blimp as an Alien

An example of Blimp total design

For a client we have designed a Blimp that will have a role as an alien in a play. Below are four suggestions that were sent to the client to choose from. The alien blimp is extremely demanding both artistically and technically. Airbrush covers the entire surface of the envelope as well as the details. We had to completely change the way the Blimp was controlled as well as add a series of RC switches to give it a multi-faceted "personality". The lighting and mechanical effects only strengthened the impression.

And after the conceptual design of the RC Blimp, how it looks in reality before the airbrush

4.5 m Custom RC Blimp with Face recognition technology for Red Cross Museum Switzerland

We finally got pictures of the installation of our RC Blimp at the Red Cross Museum. The challenge was to make a carbon frame in order to house the electronics and at the same time be the camera holder for face recognition. The project continues where the RC Blimp should fly autonomously using an internal GPS network and "virtually serve as a guide for visitors as it flies in front of them". The author's idea behind the project. The Logics of "Droning" Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Autonomous Weapons, 2021 In collaboration with Raphaël Anderegg, Hassan Sadiq and Laurent Weingart. At a time of growing conflicts and vertiginous technological change, autonomous weapons are attracting growing interest among the armed forces. "The logic of droning" explores the implications and limitations of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning embedded in weapon systems and their uses in armed conflict. AI makes it possible to considerably increase the autonomy of weapon systems in the control of specific functions such as flight, navigation, and surveillance, but also and above all in the selection and attack of targets. However, will these autonomous weapon systems ever become "smart" enough to detect threats more effectively than human operators? Will they be able to have control and make the decision to launch the attack?

From indoor and outdoor Blimps to Aerostats

During the second quarter of 2022, we worked on several interesting projects for Italy, Austria, Romania and the Far East. The most demanding was the Aerostat with a load capacity of 10 kg and a volume of over 48 m3. Serious pulling power.

Busy in production at the beginning of the year

We first made Blimp envelopes of 4.3 m for the German company Luftschiffservice.de of 100 microns of white Polyurethane. With that order, they chose us as a regular supplier of envelopes. After that we worked for the 3.5 m indoor RC Blimp for the Maximal Impact Foundation non-profit organization for their presentation at the Barcelona Fair. We produced a 4.5 m indoor RC Blimp Kit for the University of Hungary. Nothing is better than working for the younger generation. At the end of this review, we single out the extremely complex cabin we completed for the Trans-Atlantic Solar Blimp Challenge.

Ending 2021

In the last few months in 2021 (September - November) we have finished several indoor RC Blimps for various clients. Several 2 m RC Blimps and a 4.5 m RC Blimp for Exobotic Technologies. You can see how we are preparing the balloon for special airbrush paints that are elastic enough to permanently stick to the envelope.

Surveillance Aerostat for Italian islands

Surveillance Zeppelin shaped Aerostat (10 x 2.6 m). Full envelope Airbrush print. On photos is the process of setting the line system.

4.5 m indoor RC Blimp

Totally custom 4.5 m indoor RC Blimp with carbon "cabin" where are control electronics, ESCs, autopilot Pixhawk4 and gyro camera. The autopilot will fly indoor using Marvelmind positioning network.

7 m RC outdoor RC Blimp

7 m Classic design RC Blimp for Max Planck Institute

10 m RC Blimp - classic design

Quick Spec:

  • 2 x 90 A ESC
  • 2 x Eflite 520 KV brushless
  • 125 microns Polyurethane envelope
  • Double welding technology
  • Open aluminum design main motors and control electronics mount
  • Composite stabilizers
  • Back reverse brushless motor
  • Safety valve
  • Safety reel
  • Double receiver (synchronized)
  • 19.000 mAh onboard power
  • 5 kg of surplus payload


10 m RC Blimp - Video

3.5 m RC Blimp with internal RGB light

Blimps and Aerostats - Total envelope Print

Art Work with almost no weight

Polyurethane film is one of the best, or maybe THE BEST, envelope choice material for small Blimps and Aerostats (up to 50 m3). Believe me – we have tried and experimented with all available films there are. Extremely dense molecular structure, good ratio between stiffness and elasticity, durability and above all very low gas permeability. All is good except printing on Polyurethane film is considered “black art” almost impossible.

After years of experimenting (and frustrating failures) we have finally succeeded and adopted a technological process that gives perfect results.

The paint layer is extremely thin (around 0.2 mm) allowing elasticity and prevents the paint from cracking. Next good attribute of this technology is that the weight of the Art Work ( paint) is almost nothing. For example, on bellow 10 x 2.6 m Aerostat, that is almost entirely painted, the weight of the paint is only 250 g. Inflating and deflating Blimps or Aerostats that are painted with our technology does not affect the color at all.

Trans – Atlantic Solar RC Blimp

During March and April, we have worked on a feasibility study on the Solar RC Blimp with a goal to fly between South Africa and Brazil – 6000 km! The initiative came from Mr Einar Gilberg, Norway (solairship.com). Simply put the Blimp design had to be reinvented and we used our previous work on our original UnBlimp design developed in the last 5 years. We have designed all systems and subsystems from scratch: Solar Intelligent power distribution, Ballonet automatic envelope pressure regulation system, Distributed force front motor mount, Carbon composite stabilizers with ailerons, Special solar films (110W, 3 m, 500g), and many other important subsystems. More to come…

Recent work

Several indoor and outdoor RC Blimps made lately for clients from USA, Canada, Turkey, Slovenia, Switzerland, South Africa, Italy and custom envelope for a client from Estonia. Work on a Blimp Drone hybrid.

Dispersed Modular Propulsion Blimp (DMP Blimp)

During Autumn 2019 we have worked the design and have produced a 5 m prototype for Global Blimps LLC, Switzerland. The new and innovative approach to Blimps is best described as Dispersed Modular Propulsion or DMP. It was and extremely difficult prototype to make due to 7 propulsion modules. The overall weight was limited so tough paradox to solve. More to come on this subject …

Airbus 6 m RC Blimp

During November we produced a custom 6 m RC Blimp for Airbus Development Department. X wings, RC safety valve, Back double reverse motors, HD Gyro stabilized Camera rig, … and many other custom requests.

UNIBlimp © ® — A Low Energy consuming Prototype

Uniblimp©® is a product of a decade long search for a low energy consuming, minimum aerodynamic index and much longer autonomy. Capable of 60 km⁄h, 2+ hours of flight autonomy and able to carry various sensing equipment. Requires minimum logistics and can be used without special knowledge. Upgradable to various autopilots and in larger version able to carry solar cells and ballonet for even longer air autonomy. Further live tests in autumn 2018.

12 m RC Blimp – small airship

During January and February 2018 we produced a 12 m RC Blimp for Middle East University that will be used for academic purposes by students of early years. The Airship is equipped with state of the art electronics and mechanics. 60 m of air autonomy, triple safety systems, low aerodynamic index, able to lift 3 to 4 kg of additional payload, telemetry,…

High quality print on TPU envelopes

During 2017 we have worked on the development of technology to achieve high quality color print on Polyurethane. Polyurethane is widely known as a particularly tough film to be printed on. You can see the results on a 3.5 m RC Blimp made for Fotofestival Sandstein that is organized this year in Dresden, Germany. From logos to full envelope print – exclusively at Aero Drum Ltd.

6m RC Blimp for Murdoch University

6 m RC Blimp – Latest interesting work was on a 6 m RC Blimp for Murdoch University, Western Australia. Several improvements and new designs: new simplified "rail system" for changeable gravity point, DIRECT PRINT on the Polyurethane envelope, Internal RGB light, new belt system for the main motors axis, internal wires for safety valve... From now one we are able to fully print our Blimps envelopes what is unique worldwide. Check out 6 m outdoor RC blimp price, or browse other outdoor RC blimps, and choose ideal one based on your needs.

Cylindrical Wind Generators for the University of the West England

Cylindrical Wind Generators – For the University of the West England we have produced 2 cylinders which will be upgraded to a functional helium filled airborne wind generators. The first phase will be tested in wind tunnels and the next one will go in the open.

Solar Blimp Prototype

Solar Blimp Prototype – From November 2016 to July 2017 Aero Drum Ltd and HSR Rapperswil worked on a Solar Blimp prototype. The main idea is to have an Blimp flying without airtime restrictions. The first stage is over and continuing the work on subsystems.

Special Balloon Cylinder for Industrial Chimneys Inspection

Special Balloon Cylinder for Industrial Chimneys Inspection - In April 2017 we have made a special cylindrical Blimp aimed for inspection of Industrial size chimneys. The Balloon Cylinder can carry up to 3 kg of payload reserved for camera, camera mount and other related electronics. The size and shape fits waste majority of Industrial chimneys. Simple and HD quality chimney inspection up to 150 m. Special Styrofoam bumpers are keeping the balloon safe inside the chimney where debris or other hazards can be present. More at www.rc-zeppelin.com and www.aerialclick.com

5m RC Blimp for Cornell's High Voltage Laboratory

Cornell University, USA – In 2016 we have made a 5 m RC Blimp for Cornell's High Voltage Laboratory. It will be used to test high voltages used on Blimp and other types of drones.

RC Blimps we made during december 2016

December 2016 – During the last month of 2016 we have made several RC Blimps. 7 m Outdoor RC Blimp went to Arizona, USA. 4.5 m indoor RC Blimp to Canada Windsor Express Basketball Club and 3.5 m RC Blimp to Belgium, Catholic School. Goodbye to 2016.

Skylifter - LTA for heavy payloads

Skylifter, Australia - LTA for heavy payloads - 3m model of a 150 m actual size Skylifter. Skylifter design Mr. Charles Luffman (LTA solutions ltd), Skylifter Mr. Jeremy Fitton and Aero Drum ltd. All rights reserved.

RollMaps.com - Aerial Photography by Aero Drum LTD

Rollmaps.com - This entire portal was photographed by Aerial Photography Systems made by Aero Drum LTD. Two Systems where used MA-01-07 DS1 and MA-01-07 DS1/B. Cameras Canon G10, 550 D and 5D Mark II. All Interested Aerial Photographers are welcomed to participate in this portal. There are no better references for our Aerial Photography Systems.

5 m Torus with Special Construction

5 m Torus with Special Construction - Germany For Bitplant.de Gmbh & Co. IT. Services KG we have made a 5 m Torus with Special construction. All rights reserved Bitplant.de Gmbk & Co. IT. Services KG and Aero Drum Ltd.

Hybrid UAV between a Blimp and Plane

UAV Hybrid between a Blimp and Plane - South Africa - For University of Kwazulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa we have made a 4.5m balloon in Zeppelin shape to be integrated with their project. The hybrid project is under the lead of Mr. Michael J. Brooks, Pr Eng. All rights reserved by Michael J. Brooks and Aero Drum ltd.

“End of Night” main theme for National Geographic

Illumination of buildings For National Geographic - Mr. Dragoljub Zamurovic and Aero Drum ltd, during October 2008., made Aerial Photo Work of The Temple "St. Sava" in Belgradee. The purpose was to illustrate building illumination from different towns across Europe. The Aerial Photography has been made with Canon G9 12 Mpx and EOS 1 Mark III 21 Mpx. Both in angle position.

RC Blimp Aerial Photography of Felix Romuliana for UNESCO

Felix Romuliana - RC Blimp Aerial Photo work for UNESCO. Aero Drum ltd and Mapsoft, in spring 2006, have Photo documented the Imperial Palace Felix Romuliana near Zajecar, Serbia. The Aerial Photo work has been done for UNESCO in order to incorporate the archeological site in UNESCO's worldwide protected archeological sites of significant historical interest. The actual Aerial Photography work has been accomplished using MA-01-07 DS1 Aerial Photo system & Camera Canon 5D in Orthogonal position. The average height was 70 m above the archeological site. To make a complete photo documentation of the Felix Romuliana we have combined angle and orthogonal Camera position. More about Felix Romuliana at: UNESCO Felix Romuliana More about Mapsoft at: Mapsoft.

High Altitude Geo stationary platform

High Altitude geo stationary platform - Together with a team from UK we are working on a high altitude autonomous platform. The project’s goal is to have an reliable point at high altitude able to retain its position in a few miles radius.

Solar Blimp Drone - soon to be tested

Solar Blimp Drone - The need for Aerial Surveillance has grown significantly in the last few years. The main focus of all emerging drones is as much air time as possible. In the last 5 years we are working on a Solar powered Blimp drone that is able to fly for hours. Bellow you can see a 5 m prototype that will be live tested shortly and based on obtained data the next step is a 12.8 m - 2 kg useful payload - real base model. The demand for such systems is global and grows every day. Investors are invited for the final phase of the base prototype (12.8 m) and as a partner in the global market sales. Estimated investment is 150 thousand Euro and the time needed to have it flying for final tests - 6 months. Free Flying / Autopilot / Blimp Drone - Investors invited

10 m RC Blimp for marketing agency in Tenerife, Spain

Tenerife, Spain – In early spring 2015 we have made a 10 m RC Blimp for a marketing and advertising agency on Tenerife, Spain. The special request was to set LED RGB lights inside the envelope.

Tethered aerostat with Garmin GPS camera for The Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup - theoceancleanup.com: For a regatta in 2015 that was organized from Hawaii we have made a special tethered Aerostat with Garmin GPS camera to identify islands of pollution in the Ocean. Indirect confirmation of the use of our Aerostats by The Ocean Cleanup. We made an Aerostat a few years ago that is used to monitor ocean pollution from low altitudes. It is very useful for giving direction to the boat as it pulls the net.Full article at DW.

IFSEC Security Fair participation in Istanbul (2013)

IFSEC Istanbul - Aero drum Ltd together with has participated at the Istanbul IFSEC Security Fair in 2013. Our stand was well visited and the interest was huge for Aerostat and free flying surveillance systems.

RC Safety valve for Blimps and Aerostats

RC Safety valve for Blimps and Aerostats – During 2016 we have redesigned our RC Safety valve to make it lightweight and with faster helium release capacity. The total weight with servo set is 120 g (!!!) and the aperture is 45 mm allowing very fast helium release rate. Our RC safety valve is a set as a standard in all our outdoor Blimps and Surveillance Aerostats. You can be sure that you will preserve your blimps regardless to unexpected situations while flying.