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4.5 m Indoor Blimp

Blimp for spacious indoors and heavy lifter


The 4.5m indoor RC Blimp is our most popular indoor model. Due to the size the augmented helium volume (5.5 m3) is allowing all kinds of additional equipment to be lifted. Also ... the design is now more ”Zeppelin” like. Huge ”display” sides are allowing directly applied Logos or branding or 2.5 m changeable banners. The autonomy is more than an hour and with replacement battery you can fly all day.
This particular model is the first choice for University and Institute projects worldwide especially for new autopilots testing and other prototyping and experiments. Typical setting*: Polyurethane envelope, 2 main motor and 1 left⁄right back motor, all electronics, fiberglass cabin, simple 3 or 4 channels RC, filling hose 5 ft (1.5m) special adapter to the envelope valve, 2500 mAh Lithium-Polymer battery, 17 ft tether line Ready to go except for the Helium
*We reserve the right to alter the setting accordant to new available electronics and technologies to make better quality RC Blimps

Compliant to FAA and EASA Drone and Blimp Safety Regulations: The 4.5 m RC Blimp have all safety design features. Protected propeller housings, high quality envelope that can stand much higher internal pressure than needed, extremely low helium permeability and other properties related. More at SAFETY REGULATIONS



  • - Internal RGB Light with light generator and IR controller – 200 Euro/ 235 USD*
  • - Dropping mechanism - 50 Euro with a 4 channels RC
  • - Art Work (Logo) Print on envelope - 230 Euro / 275 USD*

Production time: 10 to 15 days. Transport (Not in price) by FedEx or specified by the client. Logo needed in .eps or .cdr format.

Download specification HERE
Preview your Logo on 4.5 m RC Blimp HERE