Indoor RC Blimps
Indoor RC Blimps
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Outdoor RC Blimps from 2 to 12 m or custom • Custom Envelopes • Genuine design, technology and production

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Outdoor RC Blimps for sale

5 m outdoor RC Blimp
5 m outdoor RC Blimp
Starting point when going outdoor. At this size it still can be used indoor and outdor. But the main design is fully outdoor concept.
6 m outdoor RC Blimp
6 m outdoor RC Blimp
Elevated payload to 2 kg enough for most gyro stabilized camera rigs with HD cameras today. One main vectored motor concept.
7 m outdoor RC Blimp
7 m outdoor RC Blimp
7 m already a significant payload up to 2.5 kg for any kind of remote sensing equipment. Huge spaces for logos.
10 m outdoor RC Blimp
10 m outdoor RC Blimp
Significant in size. At this point we start talking Airships. Up to 5 kg useful payload, top of the line electronics,...
12 m outdoor RC Blimp
12 m outdoor RC Blimp
Unique 12 m Airship design with side vectored motors. Extremely robust and strong in design and power group ...

Top Quality Double welded Polyurethane Envelopes for your outdoor blimp. Tested Electronic Systems. Predictable and Reliable!

  • Ready to fly - Everything included except helium. Just inflate the envelope and Fly your outdoor remote control blimp!
  • Kit version - ALL but electronics. A list of recommended electronics that are easily available on the Internet are sent after purchase.

Did you ever think about advertising balloons? They are just the perfect way to expose your brand, organization or company during different kinds of events. If you are planning an outdoor event, or you're participating in one, outdoor balloons for advertising (which is the term that some people like to use to describe our outdoor remote controll blimps) are a great way to make everybody notice your logo. Of course there are plenty other uses for an outdoor blimp. Check them out:

  • Outdoor advertising balloon
  • RC outdoor blimp with camera - great for Aerial Photography, shooting promo videos and more
  • Largest outdoor blimps - great for handling large payloads etc.
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