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LTA (Lighter than Air) Consulting by Aero Drum Ltd

Materialize your ideas from a "sketch on a napkin" to a prototype or actual size

After 25 years in the field of LTA Technology, through RC Blimps, Aerostats and special inflatable shapes and a series of real requests from the whole world in the design and development of various LTAs: "We decided to offer our many years of experience to everyone who wants to venture into these "waters" and to facilitate their journey from start to prototype - or as long as you need help and guidance" We have noticed that there is a huge lack of knowledge about LTA technology and that the challenges it poses are mostly reduced to preconceptions - so it's just a balloon, what's so complicated about it?

The answer to that question, after many years behind us, is precisely that the LTA technology is even more complex than that of the aviation industry, because by nature the blimp is soft. So, the real problem in LTA is how to reconcile the soft balloon and the hard elements that should be placed on it in order to get a functional LTA aircraft in the end.


So far, we have provided consulting services for part of the project or all the way to the prototype in the following projects: Facebook High Altitude LTA, Hybrid UAV for slow extremely low flight (SA), Skylifter (AUS), Airborne wind generators (UK), Loon (Google), Trans -Atlantic Solar Blimp (NOR), Aerial Maritime Surveillance (IT), Solar Blimp (SW), Blimp/Drone Hybrid (SLO), Torus Airborne LTA platform (DE), RC Blimps (Airbus), ... and many others individuals and institutions.


We provide consulting services in the following areas:

- Airship Design and Engineering: LTA Consulting provides consulting services related to the design, construction, and engineering of airships. This could involve expertise in aerodynamics, structural analysis, materials selection, propulsion systems, and more.

- Operations and Logistics: Consulting services might be offered to help clients with the operational aspects of airship transportation, including route planning, payload optimization, fuel efficiency, maintenance protocols, and safety procedures.


- Market Analysis and Business Strategy: LTA Consulting assists clients in conducting market analysis and feasibility studies for airship-related projects. We offer insights into potential applications for airships, competition analysis, and recommendations on business strategies and market entry.

- Environmental Impact and Sustainability: Given the potential for lighter-than-air technology to be more environmentally friendly compared to traditional aircraft, LTA Consulting offers expertise in assessing and promoting the sustainability aspects of airships. This could involve evaluating emissions, energy efficiency, and the potential for using renewable energy sources.


- Safety and Regulatory Compliance: LTA Consulting assists clients in understanding and complying with safety regulations and certification requirements for airship operations. This might involve expertise in aviation regulations, risk management, emergency protocols, and security measures.

- Application-Specific Consulting: LTA Consulting specialize in providing consulting services for specific applications of RC blimps or other LTA.

This is just an insight into the range of services we provide to our clients. For specific requests, contact us at the following email: rczeppelin@gmail.com


We do all this out of our desire to maintain and further develop LTA technology and to find together the best way to use the natural fact that 1 m3 of helium or hydrogen can lift 1 kg of cargo. No one has a monopoly on the right LTA design that can be revolutionary.