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Safety of a crowded sky

In recent years the explosion of drones forced the authorities worldwide to introduce regulations with end goal to make some order. That initiative is welcome by Aero Drum Ltd as we have designed our RC Blimps and Aerostats with all possible safety features since the beginning. Blimps, Aerostats and Custom shapes are made with safety in mind during the design process as well as in the production. So it safe to say that all our production is compliant with FAA, EASA and other countries safety regulations.
In the tables bellow you can se some highlights for indoor and outdoor Blimps where some solutions are used in Aerostats as well. If requested a product specification certificate will be sent with your Blimp or Aerostat.

Indoor Blimps Safety properties

Our envelopes have to be made of extra quality and certified provenance polyurethane film. PVC or other low quality films are dangerous as the balloon do not retain internal pressure over a longer time period.


We produce our envelopes using highest quality Polyurethane films B1 grade fire retardant In combination with helium which behaves as a fire extinguisher gas - no fire hazard possible!

The seams of the envelope parts have to be stronger than the polyurethane film itself. Our envelopes are allowing 150% more internal pressure than needed.

Helium loss cannot exceed 1% per day on total volume. If this is not the case the blimp cannot sustains its internal pressure which directly affects its flying quality and become dangerous. On the other hand it is not ethical and ecological to waste nature resources.

All electronics, ESC, motors or batteries have to be tested at least 1 hour under maximum intensity or volume. This way we can assure the normal work of the electronics as well as expected life time.

All moving parts (like propellers) have to be protected especially when flying indoor. Prop savers and ducted fans will prevent a possible dangerous contact.

Outdoor Blimps & Aerostats Safety properties

RC Safety valve to open the valve in emergency situations. The valve release helium in a slow rate this way descending the blimp slowly and safely. Set during production in outdoor Blimps and Aerostats.

The thickness of the envelope film for indoor RC blimps is 100 microns. The thickness for outdoor RC Blimps and Aerostats has to be minimum 125 microns.

RC safety bobbin with minimum 100 m 2 mm polyester line or Dyneema or similar high quality line. In emergency situations by dropping the lightweight bobbin you stop the blimp to be carried away by winds. It also gives you direct control over the Blimp.

All controls on outdoor RC Blimps have to be double. This to be sure that you do not lose control if one system fails.

RC Station (TX/RX) used with blimps have to be in compliance with the local RC regulations. The communication between the pilot and Blimp must be with dual receivers or at least a receiver/sender which is updated with latest technology. Our choice are Futaba, Spektrum or Graupner.