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Trans-Atlantic Solar Blimp

Nov 17, 2021

Airship with many complex subsystems and components

Since October 2020 until today huge number of designs, prototypes and finished components where made. Almost every finished component had at least one or 2 prototype stages.

One of the more complex components were solar cells. We had to invent and test the complete technology of packaging and lamination of cells, and all of that would be within the limits of weight tolerance. After numerous experiments, we came up with a module of 18 individual cells weighing 620 g, 12.5 V and 6A. The combination of materials is Eva foam (3 m) + Pressphan (1 mm) + 0.5 mm clear PET.

The next component was flight stabilizers. How we use Uniblimp airship design wings with flaps are the only way to control the direction. Therefore, they are constructed of composite materials with mega servos to ensure the smooth and continuous operation of the stabilizers.

We then turned our attention to the Ballonet which is crucial for maintaining the set pressure of the envelope as well as the partial impact on the height position of the airship.

The cabin was a story unto itself. As the calculated weight was about 26 kg, we had to design and make a cabin that could safely accept and protect batteries and electronic components. The next step was to distribute this weight on the wider surface of the envelope so as not to damage it.

When we solved all the previous problems, we started working on the envelope itself.

You can see in the video below how far we have come with the making. We expect to start air tests in two to three months.