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The “Rightful” place of Blimps in Drone Era

March 14, 2019

Or “what to hell” to do with “free given” buoyancy

Blimps have been around long before drones came on stage. Huge investments were made, projects and expectations Blimps related worldwide. The overall result – mixed feelings, mixed results and no real breakthrough towards the “use value” of Blimps. “Use value” of Blimps is exactly the subject of this Blog.

Upon my opinion the use value of Blimps is something “waited to happen”. The naturally given buoyancy of Helium, hydrogen and some other gases is “give and take” paradox. 1 m3 of Helium, depending on purity, lifts 0.9 to 1 kg and that is it. Inside that carousel 1m3=1kg (simplified) you have to design “use value” of Blimps.

But to go back a little what is the “use value” of Blimps at all?

Simply put the “use value” of Blimps would be to accomplish a task with “relatively small”* investment and to do it repeatedly and safely. Regardless if the task is passengers or goods transport, any kind of data collection or other.

I think that that time of “use value” of blimps is finally here

We at Aero Drum LTD have started the Blimps and Aerostat production more than 20 years ago – in analogue age. At that time the envelope materials or films where heavy on one side and on the other all the rest that needed to be attached or hanged on Blimps, like cameras, batteries, motors, electronics where heavy as well. So by definition the Blimps where big and therefore at logistical level that where inaccessible to large public.

During last 20 years the advance of digital technology and chemical industry changed our approach to Blimp and Aerostat design several times. The time has come to a point where the tip of the technology scale is finally in favor of Blimps and Aerostats.

That means more time in air, more maneuverability, more power, and more reliability where finally the 1m3=1kg fact can start working in favor of Blimps.

UniBlimp, UniBlimp-Duo and UniBlimp-Duo-Solar, our originally developed Blimp designs are finally taking advantage of this fact. Our UniBlimp design is using and incorporating all up-to-date digital advancements and with an experienced gradual design approach is resulting with a genuine Blimp answer to 21 century expectations.

* Compared to other existing aircrafts and drones and depending on the end goal