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Polyester Blimps – Envelopes

December 26, 2018

Ideal film for prototypes and experimental shapes

In December 2018 we have finally found time to work on assembly technology for Polyester envelopes(also named Mylar). For years we felt the need for a lightweight film to materialize our ideas. “Grand scale” is a normal state for blimps as they are big by nature but prototyping and new designs cannot always go “all the way”, prior at least, to basic tests and proof of the concept.

Working with Polyester is extremely hard and tricky due to the film attributes -inflexible, easy to tear up (while in gores) and “unwilling” to cooperate. The big argument to continue despite all said is the specific weight per m2 –70g! Compared to Polyurethane film which have 140 g/m2 the resulting envelope is at least 50% lighter, therefore -smaller. This is the main reason (among others) why Polyester film is use friendly for prototypes and experimental shapes.

The overall rating is: Permeability – Good, Weather ability – Fair, FlexFatigue – Fair and Adhesion to Fabric/Film – Fair.

We invite Institutes, Universities, Development firms, privates... and all others who have the need for polyester film envelopes to contact us at rczeppelin@protonmail.com as we now have the design and production facilities to turn your idea or concept into reality.