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RC Blimps and Ecology

September 16, 2019

Aero Drum Ltd work for ecology groups and ECO Blimps

Over the years we had our fair share of Blimps and projects directly or indirectly connected to Ecology and clean earth endeavors worldwide.

Blimps are by definition totally recyclable - from envelope to batteries or solar cells. During the design and production process of standard or new Blimps we take care to minimize the carbon footprint that we leave. To support the upper statement we have adopted “no stock Blimps” policy and as a result we design and produce only for known clients. This way we are avoiding unnecessary waste of materials and man hours. So we will engage only when clear purpose of the Blimp that we are manufacturing.

Ocean Cleanup Regatta

In 2017 we have made an Aerostat for the Ocean Cleanup regatta that started from Hawaii. The purpose of the Aerostat was to carry Garmin camera and while sailing to document the Ocean pollution. The Aerostat was deployed from one of the boats in the regatta.

Greenpeace Taiwan

For Greenpeace Taiwan we have made a 2 m indoor RC Blimp for a new slogan “Future is Renewable” campaign that was launched in 2019. It was used on several events around the country.

Solar Blimps

The work on Solar Blimps is very long, took years and is still active. That idea was forming in the early 2000 and the first trigger was when we have been approached by HSR University from Switzerland. We have designed and produce a 12 m RC Blimp able to carry multiple solar cells on top of the blimp.

Since that prototype the work on the solar Blimp did not stop and has produced exceptional results that proved the idea and concept quite possible, ultimately, preferable. The work on the solar Blimp had several Eureka moments. One of them being the original design , by Aero Drum Ltd, of the front and back positioned axis motors. All that led to the birth of UniBlimp Blimp concept.

Today you can see tangible results of that perennial work at www.uniblimp.com